I'm confused
I can't make sense of my
computations, the code
reads as nonsense, what's going
on in me?
Got caught up in transience
I tried to forget you
but these girls don't mean much
don't compare to your touch
or your dumb jokes

I kind of like this mess
my life has devolved into
This was not my plan
but can I just be your man again?

I know why you had to split the scene
but I kinda feel screwed
because I'm just a dude
who loves you

Dammit I love you
don't know what to do
about these feelings
swirling around in my body
I've got to have my funny girl

(how did we get here)

Dammit I need you
don't know how to act
or what to say
the wrong words come out of my mouth
I've got to have my funny girl

I don't mean
to be dramatic

(well, maybe a little)

I just want you to know

(how I feel)

I feel romantic
I feel romantic
When I think
of me and you

(me and you)


from The Now Sound For Today's Lovers, released April 22, 2014




Jerry Paper Los Angeles, California

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